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40 x 50 cm
Sprühdose, Acryl, Marker auf Leinwand

1.400 Euro
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My name is Jens Richter.
I am a Communication Designer
living and working in Mannheim/Germany.
I focus on the field of art and illustration,
design and concept development.

After drawing on school tables I studied
History of Arts and Communication Design.
I like switching between
analogue and digital media.
This is also the way I listen to music.

If you are interested in my work,
or if you want to collaborate,
just feel free to contact me.
I am always interested to create
different projects with different people.

Kornfetti 0,7 Liter

Weizenkorn 32% vol.

Extrem mild durch den extragroßen Malzanteil.
Abgefüllt mit Liebe und von Hand in Hamburg.
Buddel designed by Bobbie Serrano.
Vielseitig in Longdrinks oder Cocktails einsetzbar und
pur extrem lecker.

€ 13,99* (Grundpreis 19,99 EUR / Liter)
* inkl. ges. MwSt. zzgl. Versandkosten

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